New Zealand King Salmon


We are delivering the freshest king salmon possible to you, the consumer. Oftentimes when shopping for this delicacy, you will find it overpriced in the grocery stores and not know how old it is. Because we deliver it fresh to you in two days, you will know the history of your fish!

Order in 8 to 10 oz. dinner portions or whole fillets. We can ship this product anywhere in the U.S., so light up your next BBQ with beautiful King Salmon!

Whole Fish Available:
19.95 per lb.

e-mail to order whole fish at: [email protected]

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We are between wild King Salmon seasons, so we are tirelessly looking for high in Omega-3 replacements until the wild seasons come into play. On that note, we will not settle for anything but quality for our customers. Well, we found the perfect replacement! We want to introduce you to Big Glory Bay King Salmon! Even though these fish are labeled farm-raised, they are raised in this beautiful pristine harbor, and they are not raised how many other salmon are raised, they are raised in pens that are out in the open water. We have tried this salmon and honestly, have a hard time telling the difference between these kings, and troll-caught wild king salmon. for more information about his product, check out this very informative website:

This fish is shipped within 12 hours from New Zealand to our supplier. It is as fresh, or fresher as anything you can buy in the States!

Whole Fish Available (Headed & Gutted)
19.95 per lb

e-mail to order whole fish at: [email protected]


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