J&C Seafoods believes that when it comes to seafood, both consumers and fishermen deserve more. They deserve quality. They deserve fairness. They deserve transparency.

That is why we at J & C Seafoods are focused on sustainability, stewardship, and charity. These three components will drive our core values to bring not only our customers great products and value, but protect the integrity and the pocket book of our boats that deliver you great seafood directly from our boats, to your plate!

We know how hard it is to get fresh seafood when you live far away from the coast. We also know how hard it is to work at sea, and the danger that is involved. That is why we will pay the fishermen more for their hard work, and bring the customer fresh seafood at a price that is fair for such a great quality product.


James Evanow

James Evanow, the Managing Partner of J & C Seafoods, is a third generation commercial fisherman and has spent over 30 years at sea fishing in multiple fisheries as a captain.
Beginning in 1977 on the back deck on his father’s crab boat, it wasn’t long before he found his way to the wheelhouse. He was fortunate to have been trained by some of the highest producers on the West Coast. His father was an entrepreneurial man and started Castle Rock Seafoods in 1976. He was instrumental in running all four of the boats in the family fleet. He was also instrumental in fleet management and provisioning of the vessels in the boatyards. In addition, he worked in the seafood sales and seafood production side of the business.

After the untimely death of his father in 1987 and watching the business that he had built slowly disappear, James decided to leave fishing to be there as his kids grew up. After 20 years on land, he has returned to the sea.

James is passionate about helping other fishermen obtain a fair price, while bringing the highest quality seafood to his customers.


James Evanow

Items Currently Available:

Albacore Tuna Loins
Albacore tuna has long been the staple of protein that people choose for their lunch. Our loins are vacuum-sealed at sub thermal temps and are as fresh-tasting as if you just caught it. Loins are great for BBQing on your grill, canning, slicing up for steaks, baking for tuna fish sandwiches, and dozens of other recipes.
$10.00 per lb. plus shipping

(Case Pricing Available)

Wild Caught Oregon Troll King Salmon
We are delivering the freshest king salmon possible to you, the consumer. Most times when shopping for this delicacy, you will find it over priced in the grocery stores and not know how old it is. Because we deliver it from our boats, you will know the history of your fish!

Order in 8 to 10 oz. dinner portions or whole fillets. We can ship this product anywhere in the U.S., so light up your next BBQ with Pacific Northwest salmon! Do not settle for farm raised or inferior salmon. Troll caught is sustainable and high in quality!



$29.95 per lb. plus shipping and handling.
(Out of Stock)

Whole Fish:
19.95 per lb. plus shipping and handling.
(Out of Stock)


Sea Salt Tuna Pouches
6 oz. sealed foil pouches with a 3 year shelf life, this flavorful tuna is great for any outdoor activity. 


Price: $6.95
(Case Prices Available)


Cold Smoke Tuna Pouches
6 oz. sealed foil pouches with a 3 year shelf life, the cold smoked process gives this tuna a light smokey flavor that will make any sandwich spread or salad pop! It is also great for any outdoor activity. 


Price: $7.95
(Case Prices Available)


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